Keep New Hardwood Floors From Looking 'Ruff': Maintaining Hardwood Flooring In Pet-Friendly Homes

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Keep New Hardwood Floors From Looking 'Ruff': Maintaining Hardwood Flooring In Pet-Friendly Homes

29 January 2016
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If you have new hardwood flooring, you know how it can be a magnet for pet hair. The dander from pets' fur can cause dust and allergies, as well as be a pain to clean up. If you can't keep pets off your hardwood floors, try some suggestions to keep your floors clean and free of pesky pet hair.

Get rid of the hair.

The best way to prevent pet hair on your hardwood floors is to curb the potential for hair and dander by getting your pets groomed regularly. This includes brushing their coats routinely. Feeding your dogs a high-quality dog food may also improve their coats and reduce shedding. Some other tips include:

  • Vacuum, don't sweep. It can be tricky to pick up pet hair with a broom and dustpan. A better way is to use the hardwood floor attachment of a vacuum to get rid of it quickly.
  • Don't forget the damp mop. Pet hair seems to accumulate in the corners of a room, and the best way to grab it is with a damp mop.
  • Watch for itchy dogs. If your pet scratches a lot or has fleas, they will shed more than usual.

Conceal and cover urine stains.

Pet urine can stain the finish of your hardwood floors and may cause an unpleasant odor in the home. The best way to get rid of a light stain is to pour hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain, checking it every few minutes and wiping away as soon as the stain lightens. Odors can be removed by spraying the area with a solution made from equal parts of white vinegar and water.

Keep pet-friendly floors clean.

Probably the most effective and efficient way to clean hardwood floors, and pick up pet hair is with a damp, microfiber mop. Spray cleaning solution in a small area, mop, and spray a little more, allowing the cleaned area to dry as you go. If you are unsure of what types of cleaners to use and which ones are safe for pets, go with something simple that will do the trick: plain water!

Vacuum the pet hair from your hardwood flooring and save the hassle of trying to pick it up with a broom. Damp mop your floors regularly with water, and avoid any cleaning solutions that could be toxic for your pets. Perhaps the best way to keep floors clean is to prevent pets from shedding all together, so have your pets groomed regularly and keep an eye out for an itchy pet. If your floor isn't looking so great, contact a business such as B & D Floor Sanding.   

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