Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Quartz Countertop

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Quartz Countertop

27 May 2020
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Are you planning to get a quartz countertop installed in your kitchen? If so, it helps to know how to care for the material and keep it looking great over the years.

Know That The Material Is Non-Porous 

One misconception about a quartz countertop is that the material needs to be sealed periodically. While this is true of natural stone countertop materials like granite, this is not necessary for quarts. That's because quartz is a non-porous material, which means that liquids are not going to absorb into the countertop material. This makes it very easy to clean quartz because it doesn't require special sealants.

Know That Quartz Is Not Stain Proof

Even though quartz countertops do not need to be sealed, that doesn't mean that the material is stain proof. Quartz is going to naturally be stain-resistant, which means that you have enough time to clean up a spill on the surface without it causing the countertop material to stain. However, if you leave a colored liquid on your quartz countertop for several days, it is likely that the material will become stained. That's why it's good to clean up spills as soon as they happen to keep the material looking great.

How is this possible if the material is non-porous? This is due to the resins used to make the countertops. The resin helps make the material non-porous, but those resins can become damaged over time. 

Know How To Clean Quartz

The easiest way to clean quartz is by using some dish soap and a microfiber cloth. The dish soap is going to be gentle on the surface, and the microfiber cloth is going to be gentle and not scratch the surface. You can also purchase cleaning material specifically designed to clean quartz countertops. You will want to avoid using any abrasive cleaning that uses harsh chemicals, and definitely do not use a Brillo pad or wire brush to scrub the material. 

Know To Use A Hot Pad

One potential problem that can happen with quartz is accidentally cracking the material by putting a hot pan on it. The material is not meant to take that extreme heat, and it can cause the quartz to expand and crack. That is why you always want to use a hot pad when placing a hot pan on the countertop surface since it will keep the countertops in good condition. 

For more tips on taking care of a quartz countertop, reach out to a local contractor.

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