Concrete Finishing Guide To Give Surfaces The Polished Look Of Luxury Flooring Solutions

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Concrete Finishing Guide To Give Surfaces The Polished Look Of Luxury Flooring Solutions

28 July 2020
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The surfaces in your home could be concrete in areas like basements or wherever there is a concrete slab. These are areas of your home that you want to have attractive floors, but luxury flooring can be costly. Therefore, you may be considering options to finish concrete surfaces and give them the look of polished concrete. The following concrete finishing guide will help give the surfaces in your home the polished look of luxury flooring:

Custom Troweled Concrete Finishes—The most common concrete finish is a troweled finish, which can add texture and custom designs to surfaces. Once the trowel finish is complete, it can be finished and polished with the following steps:

  • Staining and coloring the surface
  • Applying a protective clear epoxy seal coating
  • Polishing the surface

These steps will help transform a plain troweled concrete surface into an attractive luxury finish that can be great for any area of your home.  

Luxury Designs with Acid Stain Finishes—Another method of finishing concrete to create the look of luxury flooring is acid staining. This is a special process of using acid stains and chemical dyes to give concrete surfaces an attractive color. Acid staining can be used with various textured finishes, as well as to create luxury flooring patterns and designs.

Textured Stamped Concrete Finish Options—Stamped concrete finishes can be a quick and affordable solution to give the concrete surfaces in your home a custom textured finish. The textured stamped finish can look like:

  • Tiles
  • Brick pavers
  • Stone materials

The best choice for interior applications that you are planning on finishing and polishing are tile and stone styles. These materials will look the best for custom luxury polished floors.

Layover Finishes with Protective Polished Coatings—When you have concrete surfaces that need to be repaired and refinished, one of the options to consider is a layover finish. These are special finishes that are just a layer over old concrete to hide repairs or unsightly concrete work. The benefit to layover finishing is that is can be stained, sealed, and polished to create the look of materials like natural stone for the luxury floors in your home.

These are some of the luxury flooring finishes that you will want to consider for the concrete surfaces in your home. If you are ready to give your new custom finishes a shine, contact a concrete polishing service for help completing the job. Professional polished concrete service providers will also be able to help you navigate what's best for you home and make sure the job is done right. 

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