Acid Brick Flooring Might Be The Perfect Choice For Your Processing Plant When You Need A Durable Floor

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Acid Brick Flooring Might Be The Perfect Choice For Your Processing Plant When You Need A Durable Floor

16 September 2020
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If you're weighing options for new flooring for your processing plant, you may want to choose acid brick flooring. This flooring is durable and stands up to industrial use, heavy equipment, and spills. Here are some advantages of acid brick flooring.

The Flooring Resists Damage From Acids

If you work with corrosive materials, acids, or machines that might leak corrosive substances, then you need durable flooring that won't be damaged. Acid brick flooring is acid-resistant. It's made to resist damage from corrosion, so it's a good choice for processing plants that handle chemicals and other materials that might ruin other types of flooring.

Acid Brick Is Easy To Clean

Acid bricks are different from traditional clay bricks in that the acid variety are fired at a much higher temperature. This makes the bricks stronger and resistant to soaking up all kinds of fluids, including acids and water. The floors can be mopped with water and gotten wet without fear of damage, and this makes them easy to clean.

Acid brick flooring is used in many food production facilities because the flooring can support the weight of heavy equipment and also because the floors are easy to sanitize for food safety reasons.

Acid Brick Flooring Is Attractive

If your processing facility is open to the public, or if you provide tours, then the appearance of the floor could be important. While you might base your buying decision on durability and cost, it's a nice side benefit that acid brick is attractive. Acid bricks look like traditional red clay bricks, so they give your facility a warm and friendly ambiance.

The Flooring Has A Long Life

When you're comparing the cost of your new flooring, be sure to factor in the expected lifespan. Acid bricks last a long time under harsh use. They're intended to be driven over, to contact acidic fluids, to get wet frequently, and to survive impacts from heavy objects. If part of the floor does become damaged, it is easy to remove part of the bricks and replace them with new ones, so you can put off installing a new floor for as long as possible.

When you're looking for brick flooring, be sure to seek out acid bricks when you want the most durable option. Traditional bricks can be used for flooring, too, but these are more appropriate for residential and light commercial use. Acid bricks are also called dairy bricks, and they might be the perfect choice for your processing plant when you want a floor that is durable and that will last for many years. Contact a company like Archway Brick and Tile to learn more.

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