Are you tired of your dingy carpet and scratched hardwood floors? Learn more about the pros and cons of using tile floors in your house.

Why Do Your Hardwood Floorboards Need To Be Acclimated Prior To Installation?

11 February 2016
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If you're having hardwood floors installed in your home, your contractor may have told you that the boards need to be acclimated before they can be installed. No doubt you're excited to finish up your flooring project, but this step is important for the beauty and integrity of your new hardwood floors. Knowing why your floors need to be acclimated might make the waiting process seem a little more worthwhile, so this FAQ discusses the importance of hardwood floor acclimation. Read More …

4 Considerations to Make Before Buying Carpeting in a Family Home

10 February 2016
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If you have been a fan of carpeting in homes for many years, you may already know just how much of an impact they can make in a room—from improvements to the acoustics to the soft feeling under your feet. While carpeting certainly has a long list of great benefits to consider, it is vital that you consider all the different factors when looking into whether carpeting would be a good choice for your home and also look into what kind of carpeting to select based on its unique features. Read More …

Love How Distressed Hardwood Flooring Looks? Learn How To Do It On Your Own

7 February 2016
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A distressed hardwood floor uses handcrafted staining to create flooring that looks naturally aged and rustic. If you are in love with the look, you may want to recreate it in your own home. Thankfully, there is no need to completely replace the existing flooring in your home to achieve this. Using the right techniques and tools, as well as a weekends worth of time, you will be able to transform the existing floors in your home to a new look that is much more appealing to you. Read More …

Keep New Hardwood Floors From Looking ‘Ruff’: Maintaining Hardwood Flooring In Pet-Friendly Homes

29 January 2016
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If you have new hardwood flooring, you know how it can be a magnet for pet hair. The dander from pets' fur can cause dust and allergies, as well as be a pain to clean up. If you can't keep pets off your hardwood floors, try some suggestions to keep your floors clean and free of pesky pet hair. Get rid of the hair. The best way to prevent pet hair on your hardwood floors is to curb the potential for hair and dander by getting your pets groomed regularly. Read More …

Hardwood Floors: Humidity-Related Problems

29 January 2016
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A rise or drop in a home's humidity affects the moisture content of hardwood floors. The wood usually absorbs moisture when the humidity is high and loses it when it is low. These changes cause the expansion and contraction of wood. And for as long as the expansion and contraction isn't extreme, one has nothing to worry about, especially if the wood was allowed to acclimatize right before installation. Extreme humidity changes aren't kind to hardwood floors. Read More …

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