Are you tired of your dingy carpet and scratched hardwood floors? Learn more about the pros and cons of using tile floors in your house.

Time For New Flooring? How To Choose The Right Waterproof Flooring Adhesive

30 November 2020
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If you're going to install new flooring in your home, pay close attention to the adhesive you use. Choosing the wrong adhesive could prevent your flooring from attaching securely to the sub-floor. This is especially true where moisture is concerned. If the moisture level is too high in your home, your flooring won't stick. Flooring used to be held in place using a black cut-back adhesive. This type of adhesive was able to withstand moisture and maintained its adhesive property for years. Read More …

Acid Brick Flooring Might Be The Perfect Choice For Your Processing Plant When You Need A Durable Floor

16 September 2020
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If you're weighing options for new flooring for your processing plant, you may want to choose acid brick flooring. This flooring is durable and stands up to industrial use, heavy equipment, and spills. Here are some advantages of acid brick flooring. The Flooring Resists Damage From Acids If you work with corrosive materials, acids, or machines that might leak corrosive substances, then you need durable flooring that won't be damaged. Acid brick flooring is acid-resistant. Read More …

Concrete Finishing Guide To Give Surfaces The Polished Look Of Luxury Flooring Solutions

28 July 2020
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The surfaces in your home could be concrete in areas like basements or wherever there is a concrete slab. These are areas of your home that you want to have attractive floors, but luxury flooring can be costly. Therefore, you may be considering options to finish concrete surfaces and give them the look of polished concrete. The following concrete finishing guide will help give the surfaces in your home the polished look of luxury flooring: Read More …

Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Quartz Countertop

27 May 2020
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Are you planning to get a quartz countertop installed in your kitchen? If so, it helps to know how to care for the material and keep it looking great over the years. Know That The Material Is Non-Porous  One misconception about a quartz countertop is that the material needs to be sealed periodically. While this is true of natural stone countertop materials like granite, this is not necessary for quarts. That's because quartz is a non-porous material, which means that liquids are not going to absorb into the countertop material. Read More …

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring

25 February 2020
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When you think of vinyl flooring, you probably think of the old square flooring tiles of the peel-and-stick variety. Vinyl flooring today, especially vinyl luxury flooring, is much different than this. Luxury vinyl will hold up much better than older vinyl tile. If you aren't sure if you should choose luxury vinyl flooring, read on for information to help you decide. Comes In A Wide Variety Of Styles You can choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes of vinyl flooring. Read More …

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